40+ Quick & Healthy Breakfast Recipes for Back to School

August 31, 2016

Give your kids – and yourself – a nutritious and delicious start to the school day with these quick and healthy breakfast recipes!

40 Quick & Healthy Breakfast Recipes for Back to School | Give your kids - and yourself - a nutritious start to their school day with these quick and healthy breakfast recipes @jlevinsonrd!

This post was written by Nutritioulicious assistant and soon-to-be-RD Kaleigh McMordie.

School is back in session for most of your kiddos, and that means your life is probably back to being extra busy! I remember getting so excited for the first day of school when I was young, and then dreading it as I got older. One thing I always made sure to do every single morning was to eat breakfast before school. I had always heard it was important (Jessica explains why in The Benefits of Breakfast), but I didn’t really care about that – I was just always hungry in the morning!

Unfortunately, I was always up super early by myself, so breakfast was usually a bowl of cereal (at least it was whole grain!). If you’re like I was and struggle to find breakfast options, here are some quick and easy balanced breakfast ideas for busy mornings, or if you prefer having an actual recipe to follow, try some of the delicious quick and healthy breakfast recipes below!

Easy Breakfasts to Eat At Home

For mornings when you have a little more time to sit down and eat, here are some great options that are easy to whip up quickly:

Fruit Toast @CocosCookbook

Fruit Toast @ Courtney’s Cookbook

Blackberry and Cantaloupe Parfait @ Kati Mora

Sweet Potato Toast @ Family Food on the Table

Easy Asparagus and Goat Cheese Omelet @ Lively Table

Quick Berry Oatmeal @ Nutritioulicious

Strawberry Banana Sushi Rolls @foodiephysician

Strawberry Banana Sushi Rolls @ The Foodie Physician

Pumpkin Yogurt @ Living Well Kichen

Peanut Butter Parfait with Amaranth @Shaw’s Simple Swaps

Banana Date Nut Butter Rollups @ KISS in the Kitchen

Strawberry Kefir Smoothie @ Nutritioulicious

Make-Ahead Breakfasts

These recipes can be made ahead of time and stored in the refrigerator or freezer for quick reheating and eating. Be sure to pair your pancakes and waffles with yogurt or a hard-boiled egg for some protein!

Peanut Butter Chocolate Overnight Oats @VNutritionist

Peanut Butter Chocolate Overnight Oats @ V Nutrition

Blueberry Protein Pancakes @ Living Well Kitchen

Peaches and Cream Overnight Oats @ Nutritioulicious

Buckwheat Oat Pancakes @ Eat Real Live Well

Homemade Frozen Breakfast Sandwiches @ Hungry & Healthy

Breakfast Quesadilla with Cheese, Spinach and White Beans @wellplated

Make Ahead Breakfast Quesadilla with Cheese, Spinach and White Beans @Well Plated

Berry Cherry Overnight Oats @ Street Smart Nutrition

Gluten-Free Baked Oatmeal @ The Fit Cookie

Apple Peanut Butter Pancakes with Sautéed Cinnamon Apples @ Nutritioulicious

Banana Flax Freezer Waffles @themuffinmyth

Banana Flax Freezer Waffles @ The Muffin Myth

Freezer-Friendly Breakfast Egg Wraps @ Mom’s Kitchen Handbook

Broccoli Chicken and Cheese Frittata @ And A Dash Of Cinnamon

Coconut Chia Pudding @ 80 Twenty Nutrition

Grab-and-Go Breakfasts

I know that some days in life are crazy and hectic. You woke up late and your kid fell asleep in the shower and the dog puked on the floor and there is just no way you have time to sit the kids down for breakfast. For busy mornings like these, it’s nice to have a nutritious grab-and-go option. Pair any of the below with some fresh fruit for a fully balanced meal on the run. The egg options won’t need extra protein, but if you make muffins or breakfast cookies, it’s always a good idea to grab some yogurt or string cheese, too.

Breakfast bars and cookies:

Vegan PB&J Oatmeal Bars @delishknowledge

Vegan PB&J Oatmeal Bars @ Delish Knowledge

Lemon Raspberry Breakfast Cookies @ The Foodie Dietitian

5 Ingredient Peanut Butter Granola Bars @ The Real Food Dietitians

Breakfast Cookies with Apricots and Dates @ Healthy Ideas Place

Grab & Go Granola Bars @ Meal Makeover Moms

Peanut Butter Breakfast Bars @joyfoodsunshine

Peanut Butter Breakfast Bars @ Joy Food Sunshine

Gluten Free Honey Oat Cereal Bars with Milk Baked In @ Shaw’s Simple Swaps

Banana Blueberry Breakfast Birds Nests @Supermarket Nutrition

Chocolate Chip Pistachio Breakfast Cookies @ Key Ingredients

Cacao Peanut Oatmeal Breakfast Bars @ Food Faith Fitness

Muffins and egg muffins:

Ricotta Berry Oatmeal Cups @jlevinsonrd

Ricotta Berry Oatmeal Cups @ Nutritioulicious

Healthy Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins @ Lively Table

Easy Veggie Egg Muffins @ Nutritioulicious

Whole Wheat Blueberry Lemon Greek Yogurt Muffins @ Dishing Out Health

Broccoli Cheddar Egg Cups @LivelyTable

Make-Ahead Broccoli Cheddar Egg Cups @ Lively Table

Smoked Salmon & Goat Cheese Mini Frittatas @ Marissa Moore Nutrition

Rise and Shine Blueberry Oatmeal Muffins @ The Foodie Physician

Roasted Corn and Poblano Quiche with Tortilla Crust @ Making Healthy Choices

Hopefully these quick and healthy breakfast recipes (that are also delicious!) will save your kids from breakfast cereal burnout and give them a fun start to the day! To keep them well-nourished as the day goes on, be sure to check out Jessica’s Healthy School Lunch Ideas too!

What are your favorite quick and healthy breakfast recipes?

40 Quick & Healthy Breakfast Recipes for Back to School | Give your kids - and yourself - a nutritious start to their school day with these quick and healthy breakfast recipes @jlevinsonrd!
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  1. What a great roundup! I love all of these ideas and I too used to be a cereal as a kid, Cheerios actually ha! Now I love to be creative in the am too! Thanks for including my parfait and bars!

    1. Thanks Liz! I was always a cereal kid too – although not as healthy as cheerios 😉 Thanks for sharing your delicious parfait!

    1. Thanks so much! I also grew up eating a lot of sugary cereals for breakfast. Couldn’t imagine letting my kids eat that now!!

  2. SO many great ideas! Thank you for including me! 🙂 I rely on make-ahead breakfasts to function throughout the week so this is wonderful!

    1. You’re so welcome Laura! I’m totally with you about the make-ahead. Hope you find some new and delicious breakfast ideas for yourself!

    1. Thanks Lindsay! Definitely lots of options for everyone. I always say, having choices is one of the most important parts of healthy eating!

  3. I wake up dreaming about breakfast! My go-to for a quick bite is sprouted grain toast with nut butter, sliced bananas or fresh berries, and a sprinkle of hemp seeds and cinnamon. Or a smoothie – that’s always a great quick option too. So many great options here – I might have to change up my routine!

    1. Thanks Emily! I agree – so many great ideas to choose from there’s no reason to skip breakfast (and I could never skip it anyway!)