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Emergency Dental - Honolulu, Hawaii

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What We Offer

From dental emergencies to routine care, we have you covered with world-class dentists and dental hygienists here to help with all your dental needs including:

Tooth Ache

Knocked Out or Loose Tooth

Dental Avulsion

Dental Absess or Bleeding Gums

Who we are.

Our team of board-certified general dentists are ready to help you whether that’s with routine cleaning, teeth whitening, filling cavities, performing root canals, or acute dental problems that need immediate attention! 

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Same Day Emergency Appointments

If you need help ASAP, we can get you an appointment!

Board Certified General Dentists

Our team of dental experts are ready to help you with any dental need!

Routine Cleaning and Care

If you are looking for a general dentist to serve all your routine care needs, we would be happy to help!

Cosmetic Procedures Available

We’re also happy to discuss teeth whitening and other cosmetic procedures with you!